Saturday, February 28, 2009

Caturist™ International #02

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"Made in China"
Meet 'taiko' from China, Mr. Roger...
an IT expert focusing on SAP technology, a funny guy and hardcore fans of MAC and IBM products... especially IPhone.

"Its Huangguoshu Waterfall, also known as Yellow Fruit Tree Waterfall, which is the biggest fall of China"

I wish there will be another 'Made in China' IT product from you my friend. Check out his blog here.

Your Malaysian friend,

~ Shairul Abdul Karim


The road of MM consultant said...

it's a great job!
i'm love it!

caturist said...

You're welcome... keep in touch.

Anonymous said...

cantik air terjun tu
cambest je

DrSam said...

good technique ... brilliant piece of work.

caturist said...

Tq PJ selamba & DrSam... nice to have you all here.

Keep in touch bros.

Anonymous said...

fuyuu... apek luar negara ker tue??? wawawa... dah betambah byk kenalan abg yer skg?? hehe

caturist said...

hahaha.. this is a new 'glokal' blog... bak kata pak Najib.

The road of MM consultant said...

i just wanna to know which tools (software) do you use to draw my picture? Photoshop, CorelDraw or something else?