Thursday, February 26, 2009

Caturist™ International #01

Click to view larger image.

Mr. Dominique Guillot,
from France.

He's working with the defense ministry at Lorient in Brittany. Currently on sabbatical leaves and living temporarily at Port Elizabeth in South Africa... and also a real painter with 'brush'.

I know him through I Link Your Site blog. From there I invited him to do his caricature for my International segment.

Click here to see his Paintings and Pastels art masterpiece.

"Merci monsieur"...

~ Shairul Abdul Karim


erolnukman said...

lawa lah...aku suka..wat camne?

caturist said...

Tq Erolnukman... guna photoshop je.

Dominique GUILLOT said...

From Dominique

My resemblance to a Picasso image evokes an enquiring and intriguing side to my real character... a crazy French artist!

caturist said...

Terima Kasih (tq) Tuan Dominique.

Crazy but not insane... hahaha

Anonymous said...

mana gambar asal dia bro?
best kalau buat perbandingan
sebelum dan selepas

Kikuri said...

This soooooo BEAUTIFULLLL!!!! I know nothing bout arts... but this picture reminds me of Van Gogh's self portrait....