Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Caturist™ Friends #02 ++

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Ahmad Sufi and his "friend"...

Requested by Ahmad Sufi (AHMADSUFI6177'S) through my e-mail (caturist@gmail.com) this morning.

He ask for 1 caricature of him, 1 sketch for his "friend" and any kind of artwork on his sister's picture...

Unfortunately, I can't fulfill his last request for his cute little sister... as the picture he gave was so blur (maaf ye Ahmad Sufi, bagi gambar yang sharp dan clear... nanti abang buat k).

Tutorial Notes: 1) Edit picture: Filter>Liquify. 2) Artistic effect: Filter>Artistic>Paint Daubs. 3) Smudging effect: Tools Panel>Smudge Tool. 4) Colour: Image>Adjustments... 5) Sense of Creativity.

~ Shairul Abdul Karim


Shitsurei shimashita said...

ganaz wo brother skrg ni!
bagus2 keja k.

jgn lupa take 5 b4 6

caturist said...

Tq 2 U 2... Take 5...kelepek (sound effect)...

Anonymous said...

Thank You.. Thank You.. Thank You..
maaf sebab lambat ucap Thank You kat abg... hehe

Luth Textile said...

jom excheng link..