Saturday, February 28, 2009

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"Made in China"
Meet 'taiko' from China, Mr. Roger...
an IT expert focusing on SAP technology, a funny guy and hardcore fans of MAC and IBM products... especially IPhone.

"Its Huangguoshu Waterfall, also known as Yellow Fruit Tree Waterfall, which is the biggest fall of China"

I wish there will be another 'Made in China' IT product from you my friend. Check out his blog here.

Your Malaysian friend,

~ Shairul Abdul Karim

Thursday, February 26, 2009

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Mr. Dominique Guillot,
from France.

He's working with the defense ministry at Lorient in Brittany. Currently on sabbatical leaves and living temporarily at Port Elizabeth in South Africa... and also a real painter with 'brush'.

I know him through I Link Your Site blog. From there I invited him to do his caricature for my International segment.

Click here to see his Paintings and Pastels art masterpiece.

"Merci monsieur"...

~ Shairul Abdul Karim

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

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His name is Marzuki Jalil...
That's all I know about this dude...

Updates: He's from our Caturist™ Friends list,
Dilarang Melarang.
Currently updating his blog to a better layout for the (I don't know how many) time.

Got an email from him...
asking me to make the most 'drastic'
caricature from the picture.

Hehehe... amik ko!

~ Shairul Abdul Karim

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Click here to see more details.

Malaysian Photoshop Guru, ruzzlan 2312
That's all I can say about this guy...

His blog is a "must see" site for those who seek a Photoshop tutorial. His artwork is a masterpiece!

~ Shairul Abdul Karim

Monday, February 23, 2009

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1...2...3... Happy Birthday Adam!
1 is for Adam, as 2 & 3 are for 2nd of March 2009.

I received an e-mail from our Caturist™ Friends,
NagaPerang with 3 lovely attached pictures...

I really hope you like with my selection...
as this time... I go classic!

~ Shairul Abdul Karim

P/s: It took me the whole day to finish this project...
pictures was so small... but I guess the result...
is worth it!

"G" is for Azizi

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"Hepi Today Ayah G" son's favorite uncle!

"Happy Birthday" from all of us dan
dimurahkan rezeki sokmo...

~ Shairul Abdul Karim

Sunday, February 22, 2009


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My younger brother...
Among family, we shout him MANJA...
hahaha... kantoi!

..."we believe in unity".
SAG (Shah Alam GTR) members.

~ Shairul Abdul Karim

Friday, February 20, 2009

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A Special Birthday Present...
from qirMumtaz to her beloved hubby,
En. Solahuddin Yusuf.

Happy Birthday from us...
semoga panjang umur, murah rezeki,
anak ramai dan sejahtera selalu.

~ Shairul Abdul Karim

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Honey Bear

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Let just say... sweet is good
for your health!

Tutorial Notes: 1) Make yourself happy. 2) Don't smoke!
Do what you know best... all the best! 4) Refer to Caturist™ Friends #02 ++ posting. 5) Refer to me for any inquiries.

~ Shairul Abdul Karim

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Qorie Afifi... the next CM of Kozambo Island.
(Don't ask me... I also don't know which Island...)

An old friend who let me fly... abroad.

Check his blogs here... and here.

~ Shairul Abdul Karim

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Sofiya Athirah, 1+

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Cute... as her!

This lovely cute little sunshine girl is the brightest light that shines through Asfa & Saiful lifes.

... another surprised from my wife to her office mate.

~ Shairul Abdul Karim

...let's share

I create this banner for kin'xp from "I link your site"

So guys... let's link our site... let's share.

~ Shairul Abdul Karim

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

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Ahmad Sufi and his "friend"...

Requested by Ahmad Sufi (AHMADSUFI6177'S) through my e-mail ( this morning.

He ask for 1 caricature of him, 1 sketch for his "friend" and any kind of artwork on his sister's picture...

Unfortunately, I can't fulfill his last request for his cute little sister... as the picture he gave was so blur (maaf ye Ahmad Sufi, bagi gambar yang sharp dan clear... nanti abang buat k).

Tutorial Notes: 1) Edit picture: Filter>Liquify. 2) Artistic effect: Filter>Artistic>Paint Daubs. 3) Smudging effect: Tools Panel>Smudge Tool. 4) Colour: Image>Adjustments... 5) Sense of Creativity.

~ Shairul Abdul Karim

The Caturist™

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Keep on smiling...

Kepada semua insan yang sedang
dalam kesusahan...


Hentikan segala keluh kesah...

Hentikan segala fitnah...
Hentikan segala amarah...

Jangan kita derhaka...
Jangan kita berlaga...
Jangan... nanti kita celaka...
Senyum sahaja.

Mari kita bersatu...
Mari kita maju...
Mari... jangan malu...
Senyum selalu.

~ Shairul Abdul Karim

Monday, February 16, 2009

This caricature is a request
from my beloved 'lowpo'...

A surprised gift for her office mate,
Cik Lin & Amir... well guys...


Sunday, February 15, 2009

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Terima Kasihhhhh!!!!!

This caricature is for you Mr. David...
Terima Kasihhh!!! to you from all of us...

A combination of Photoshop and ArtRage...
and a mug of Indocafe.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Haji Hadi Awang

Like this painting?...

Click the image to view the 'oil painting' details.

I made this digital painting with a software called ArtRage.
Go to to download free stater edition.

Sape yang ada anak suka melukis, bagi je software ni...

Have Fun!....

Friday, February 13, 2009

Change your picture into
Pencil Drawing Effect.

1. "Awak bukalah apa2 gambar dalam Photoshop... jangan gambar tak senonoh k... Siti tak suka tau"... "Harini abang caturist guna gambar Siti sebagai sample... sukanya Siti!"...

2. "Pastu awak tukar gambar Siti jadi b&w... amacam... cute tak Siti"...
Go to Mode>Image>Grayscale.

3. "Duplicate gambar Siti... sekali je tau"...
Go to Layer Panel. Click the blending box and choose Duplicate Layer.

4. "Dah?... adjust sikit gambar Siti k... sikit je tau..."
Go to Image>Adjustments>Invert (Ctrl+I).

5. "Hu... hu... Seram tak tengok gambar Siti... blend je gambar Siti tu"
Go to Layer Panel. Click the blending box and choose Color Dodge.

6. "Siti tak hilang... 'blur'kan sikit nanti nampaklah..."
Go to Filter>Blur>Gaussian Blur.

7. "Taraaa... dah siap... cunkan gambar Siti!"
Adjust the Gaussian Blur radius pixels up to your satisfactions and click OK.

8. "Ooops... jangan lupa save k... buat kenangan..."
Go to Layer Panel and click Flatten Image... and Save the file (JPEG/BMP/GIF/PNG).

9. Done... before & after.
All results are vary due to the selection of pictures. Choose high resolution image for a better result.

Ok Guys... that's it for today.
Have a nice weekend!

P/s: Dialog di atas adalah rekaan penulis sahaja. Tiada kena mengena dengan Siti Nurhaliza.

Berjumpa lagi di lain tutorial... Selamat Mencuba dengan Jayanya!

~ Shairul Abdul Karim

Salam semua... bertemu kembali!

Kali ini saya ingin berkongsi ilmu, bagaimana membuat Karikatur menggunakan perisian grafik Adobe Photoshop.

1. Muat turun gambar.

a. Gambar M. Nasir dimuat turun dari 3ir.
b. Buka gambar di Adobe Photoshop.

2. Crop gambar.

a. Klik Edit in Quick Mask Mode (Q).
b. Gunakan Pen Tool (P) untuk crop gambar.
c. Klik semula Edit in Quick Mask Mode (Q).
d. Tekan Ctrl (keyboard) dan klik Path Thumbnail.

3. Copy & Paste gambar yang telah dicrop.

a. Pergi ke Edit>Copy gambar (Ctrl+C).
b. Pergi ke File>New (Ctrl+N).
c. Set saiz fail (W: 669 pixels x H: 835 pixels | 72 pixels/inch | Transparent) dan klik OK.

d. Pergi ke Edit>Paste gambar (Ctrl+V).
e. Paste (Ctrl+V) gambar sekali lagi (Layer 2).*
* Klik 'mata' di Layer 1 (sorok gambar sebagai back-up).

4. Dari gambar menjadi Karikatur.

a. Pergi ke Filter>Liquify (Shift+Ctrl+X).

b. Pilih Forward Warp Tool (W) untuk ubah suai gambar.*
* Gunakan juga tools lain untuk hasil yang lebih menarik.
c. Set Brush Size mengikut kesesuaian.
d. Jika tidak berpuas hati, klik Restore All untuk buat semula.
e. Klik Ok setelah berpuas hati.

5. 'Effect' lukisan ke atas gambar.

a. Pergi ke Filter>Artistic>Paint Daubs.*
* Gunakan juga Filter lain untuk hasil yang berbeza.

b. Set Brush Size: 4, Sharpness: 14.
c. Klik Ok setelah berpuas hati.

6. Warna ke atas gambar.

a. Pergi ke Image>Adjustments>Colour Balance (Ctrl+B).*
* Guna Adjustment yang lain supaya warna lebih menarik.
b. Set Shadows/Midtones/Highlights sehingga berpuas hati.
c. Klik Ok.

d. Crop gambar dan tekan Enter.

7. Penyudah.

a. Klik 'mata' Layer 1 dan lihat perbezaan di Layer 2.
b. Klik Layer 1 dan tekan Delete setelah berpuas hati.
c. Save kerja anda*
* Pilih satu format JPEG/BMP/GIF/PNG untuk upload ke blog.

8. Lihatlah hasilnya...

P/s: Copy posting ini ke 'words' dan save untuk rujukan.

Selamat Mencuba!

~ Shairul Abdul Karim